Why SEO Services are for Everyone

The word on the streets these days seems to be that if you put something out on the Internet, say a Web site, the search engines will magically find you and you’ll start getting business right away from those sources. Sorry to burst the bubble, but that’s not entirely true.

Sure, if you have a Web site that gets indexed (found and listed) by the search engines, your site will show up if you type your domain name into the search box. However, that’s not going to get you the business you’re looking for. How many people are searching online for “Debbie’s Toffee of Connecticut”?

The better approach to getting life-changing Internet traffic lies in good SEO, or search engine optimization. Simply put, you tailor your Web site and its pages so that the search engines will like you and list you towards the first page. The ultimate goal is to get on the first page of Google where nearly 65% of all Internet searchers are surfing.

Get on the Front Page

Searching on the Internet means targeted traffic for you, should your searchers find your site. Rather than advertising to the mass public through billboards, paper ads, and the like, SEO services put you on the front page of the very place where people are looking for exactly what you offer.

For example, if you sell winter coats, you want to strategize with a search engine optimization expert (or learn this yourself) so that when someone goes to Google and searches for “winter coats”, your online site is right there for them to see. You’re more likely to get the person to not only visit your site when they are in the “buy it now” mode, but they are more likely to buy from you. This is where the SEO services magic happens!

Here are the Tools to Get There

Not only do Web site adjustments for search engine optimization help you get to the top of Google, but so does blogging, releasing press releases on the wire, making videos, and writing articles about your areas of expertise with links back to your site and its pages. SEO services in the form of blogs, articles, and press releases are great ways to gain the confidence of your prospective buyers by simply educating them first. People are not always interested in buying (or being “sold to”) at that moment, so use the opportunity to educate them instead.

Keywords are “Key”

One way to ease them into it is by using keywords that you know will help you target people who are interested in what you have to say. For instance, people may be looking for informational articles about how to create gift baskets at home. If they find your blog or article on the subject, they may eventually click in to your site to buy because they see that you are an expert in the area of gift giving and have the products available to complete their gift basket.

Remember that search engine results are never an advertising interruption for an Internet searcher; they are looking for your products and services! Try to use keywords that best describe what you offer to help the search engines place your site at the top of the rankings. You’ll have more traffic and make more sales right away. That’s what search engine optimization is all about!

To better SEO services and business profits,


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