The Best Cosmetic Surgery Marketing I’ve Ever Seen

My Personal Experience with Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Years ago, I worked as  Surgical Tech and assisted in many types of surgical procedures; some of them plastic surgery. The thrill of working on a patient, knowing that they would smile whenever they looked in the mirror was reward enough for me. Years later, I would become a plastic surgery patient myself. My story was the same as many other moms’ reasons for seeing a cosmetic surgeon. I have skin that tends to make stretch marks if I look at it the wrong way (you think I’m kidding?)! Plus, having had three babies around 9 plus pounds had brought me a very painful condition: multiple umbilical hernias. The pain from hernias was enough to send me through the roof if I coughed too hard or did a sit up the wrong way. It was time for help; help from a cosmetic surgeon. Little did I know that I would become the victim of the best cosmetic surgery marketing I had ever seen.

My Friend Made the Decision so Easy

I’ve heard so many times before that word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to bring customers to your business. I didn’t realize at the time that I would become a classic case of just this type of advertising. Never had I considered that for plastic surgeons, much of their bread-and-butter comes from patient referrals! However, in speaking to a few of my friends prior to choosing a physician, I discovered that it was a huge comfort for me to know that one of them had a successful procedure from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and she was thrilled with the results. Suddenly, we had much more to talk about than what had happened on American Idol that week. It was a race to find out as much as I could about who had made my friend so happy with her body.

Friends Trust Their Friends When it Comes to Plastic Surgery

This type of cosmetic surgery marketing is the best I’ve seen to date. My friend smiled the entire time she spoke about her experience, yes, even when she described the post-op discomfort. Her surgeon was skilled, qualified, and could be trusted so she had everything to smile about. As I listened to her tell me about how caring he was, how everyone in the office was able to answer her questions from the start, and how after her procedure they continued to stay in touch with her; I had decided to go with her surgeon long before I ever made the phone call to schedule my first consultation. This is a perfect example of cosmetic surgery marketing gone right. A trusted friend tells their friends and family about their experience and as a result of their positive experience, everyone around them wants to have that for themselves.

Now I Can Help Others by Referring Them to My Plastic Surgeon

Since my procedures, I have had friends ask me about my doctor, how he was, and if I thought they would be as happy with him as I was. My answer is always “yes”. I care enough about my friends and family to share with them the truth about my plastic surgeon and how he helped me. I care enough to want to put them into good hands. This is where your plastic surgery practice needs to concentrate in order to grow in exponential ways. Your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts should be well-spent on patient referral rewards programs, encouraging referrals in your newsletters, on your website, and in your social media marketing. I am proof that word-of-mouth plastic surgery advertising works wonders for a surgeon. I became a patient myself solely from the casual, positive conversation with a close friend.

Get the Scoop, Get Help, Get Growing!

For more information about how to grow your practice using word-of-mouth cosmetic surgery marketing, contact us today. We’re here to help you expand your patient base with rewarding, encouraging, reputation-building patient programs.

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Internet Marketing and SEO for Doctors

Attention physicians, here are some things to look out for when publishing anything online to attract patients to your website. Some helpful advice from our friend Melissa:

You have a business that you want to promote online but you’re not sure how? One type of advertising is by placing ads on the free online classified sites. I know some will tell you that this type of advertising will get you absolutely nowhere. Although the outcome isn’t as striking as other types of advertising, your business will still get responses if you know the advertising basics.

The Headline

  • It is the most important part of your ad.
  • It should grab the reader’s attention.
  • It should be original.
  • The ads should contain strong keywords that have been highly researched. You can do a keyword search through Google Adwords.

The First Two Sentences

  • The first 2 sentences are the most important part of your Internet marketing. If your reader isn’t interested they will move on.
  • The sentences of the ad should be strong.
  • It should persuade the readers of the ads important, and make them want to read more.

The Body

  • Describe your business and what it has to offer.
  • Tell the reader what is in it for them.
  • Make them believe this is the best deal out there, once in a life time opportunity.
  • The advertising should be original. If a reader has seen similar ads they will quickly lose interest.
  • The description should be accomplished in as few words as possible.
  • A lot of people use bullets in Internet marketing. I’ve personally had great results with bullets.

Things to Remember About Internet Marketing

  • The business promotion should be short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Your advertising should use keywords in your title and throughout the ad.
  • The idea in Internet marketing is to grab the reader’s attention with your title and keep their attention throughout the ad.
  • You should give just enough information to peak their interest so they want to know more.
  • During your business promotion you should explain in detail what is in it for them.
  • Your advertising should make the deal sound good but not overly so otherwise your readers will believe it is a scam.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I do hope I’ve helped you. Remember to come back often because I will continue adding helpful articles to my site.

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO: Why Outsourcing is Best

If you’re like most cosmetic surgeons, your plastic surgery practice is your pride and joy. Not only is it your lifeblood, it is also a reflection of your education, skills, and expertise. Cosmetic surgery marketing is no different. Companies that handle SEO and Internet marketing for plastic surgeons take their responsibility to their clients very seriously. After all, we are a large part of your success! Here are some reasons why outsourcing to an SEO professional is the only way to market your practice online.

Patient Education and Testimonial Videos

Hiring a company to make a video for you to put up on your website is one thing; what they do with it after it is up on your site is another story. If your video is not properly marketed for the Google search engine and optimized with keywords in the title, patients won’t find it on Google. The way it works is this: Google can’t “see” videos and pictures on your website. Rather, they see the text that is “behind” it. In other words, careful thought and planning must go in to how your video is named so that patients can find you on Google when they search for something like “Miami Plastic Surgeon”.

Website Content

Your website content is just about the most important aspect of your entire SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing plan. The reason for this is because, again, Google sees text. You’ll need to have someone who knows what Google should “see” when they visit your site. Your text and links should be carefully strategized for one single purpose: to get to the top of Google. This is not to say that the content as a whole should be solely for the purpose of pleasing Google. Not at all! In fact, a real SEO expert will also have a staff of skilled writers and editors so that the content caters to educating patients first…then considering what Google wants to see.

Article Marketing

Unfortunately, this is usually where cosmetic surgery marketing “professionals” drop the ball. While your site is on its way to the top of Google, you need to have an immediate means of traffic in order to get new patients to your office. That’s where article marketing comes in. Carefully crafted articles, meant to educate and engage your prospective patients, can be published on specific article directories. Your SEO professional must know the difference between a “trash” article directory and a “treasured” article directory. It takes knowing several factors: what the site’s Google PageRank is, if the site allows links to be “followed” and what the directory’s Alexa ranking is.

These factors, when combined, will help establish a profitable publishing medium for successful cosmetic surgery marketing of your practice. If you’d like to have a strategy planned out for your SEO services, give us a call today at 1-888-345-0849 or visit our contact us page. We offer a free website analysis, free consultation, and a free 30-second video for your website or blog. We think outside the shell to stream patients to your website..and what we do works immediately!

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing SEO Tips

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO Tips for Instant Website Traffic

Your plastic surgery practice needs to receive patients from a variety of sources in order to get the most out of your cosmetic surgery marketing. The SEO expertise applied to your site helps get the best traffic coming from your website and going to your office.  Here are two helpful SEO tips to boost your plastic surgery practice and get the most traffic from your website as possible.

  • Update your site content frequently and regularly. This can be anything from changing the front page to continuing to add to articles on your website. By adding and changing content on your website pages consistently, you will let Google know that your site is active and worthy of re-indexing. Indexing is when Google sends its spider bot to your site to check for new content and to “read” your site. If you have updated, new content on your site when Google visits your site, they will make note of that and visit your site more often. Lower ranking websites get visited by Google about every 10-15 days at most and sites that are on page 1 of Google, for example, can get visited one or more times per day. Use your cosmetic surgery marketing online to push your website to the top of Google by keeping your content fresh!
  • Have places on your site where patients are likely to return to in order to check for updates. For example, using your site to host a video library of educational content is a great way to keep site visitors on your site as well as to draw existing patients to your site when you add a new video or article. You want site visitors to stay on your site for as long as possible because that tells Google that your site contains exactly what visitors want to see. The result is that you get cosmetic surgery marketing “points” with Google (aka: you’ll rank higher).

By using these SEO tips for your plastic surgery website, you will naturally rise through the ranks of Google’s search engine. Having a website is not enough anymore, you must engage your patients, keep them on your site longer, and keep them returning for more…again and again. Use these tips today to instantly get more traffic to your site!

For more cosmetic surgery marketing tips, visit our online article library made especially for educating cosmetic surgeons in online marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. Contact us today a free website analysis at 951.665.8360 to pinpoint weak area of your website’s SEO and to get suggestions for improving your online cosmetic surgery marketing strategy.

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – 5 Tips for Home Page SEO

5 Best Practices of Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – SEO on Your Home Page

Getting your SEO just right in order to attract patients to your website can be tricky. There’s a lot to think about including what keywords you use, what you name your site, what your page content looks like, what links you use, and which tags you use in your HTML code. Here are five tips for successful SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing for your plastic surgery practice.

#1 – Keyword Research

Any effective SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing strategy must start with impeccable keyword research. Keywords are important because they determine what terms Google will use to display your website in their search engine when people search online. If you want to target potential patients in your area, you’ll want to use keywords such as “plastic surgery (your city name here)”, “cosmetic surgery (your city name here)”, “plastic surgeon (your city name here)”, etc. and even mix it up using procedure names along with your city so that people who are searching for doctors in their area will find you online.

#2 – SEO in Your Site’s URL

What you name your site, or the domain name you choose, is very important as well. For good SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing you’ll want to try to include your type of practice and even your location if possible. Having these terms in your domain name make it easy for Google to determine what you practice and where so that you can rank highly in their search engine for both of those terms. Basically, it boils down to using strategic keywords in your website name. This is smart SEO!

#3 – Good Page Content Gets Superior SEO Results

Your page content determines what Google judges your site to be about. This determination of relevance and consistency speak volumes to how they rank your site in their search engine; a term also referred to as your site’s “PageRank”. Though not fully disclosed, Google gives clues to what they are looking for. Cosmetic surgery marketing professionals make sure that the sites they take care of comply with known SEO criteria. This helps sites rank higher. You want your site content to contain a consistent message to your website visitors. If you are promoting your practice online, your site should describe your practice, have pages containing procedure descriptions, as well as informative cosmetic surgery articles. The big picture that Google gets will help your rankings if all of your “ducks are in a line”.

#4 – Links on Your Home Page

The links you use on your site, accessible from your home page, are very important. As mentioned earlier, if you have a complete navigation menu on your home page containing links to educational articles, pages dedicated to your procedures, etc., your site will be favored by Google. The idea is that Google wants to see that people who visit your site are finding what they need (they do this by measuring how long your visitors stay on your site). The longer they stay, the more relevant your site proves to be for what your site visitors came for in the first place. Make sure the links on your site help both your cosmetic surgery marketing and your SEO.

#5 – Tags in Your HTML Code

Finally, the tags you use in your HTML code can make or break that last little push to the top of Google. You’ll probably want to hire a professional cosmetic surgery marketing firm to conduct an analysis of your site to determine how far off the mark your site is. They can help pinpoint tags that are missing, could be optimized, or extra tags that are unnecessarily clouding your HTML code. Tags that the SEO pros look for are H1 tags, Meta Title tags, H2 tags, and your official Title tag (the name of your homepage from Google’s point of view). These are things you have to tell Google. If you do it right, it helps your rank; do it incorrectly and it can actually hurt your site’s placement in Google. So, be smart about your tags and leave it to the SEO professionals!

Get an SEO Professional to Help You

Though there’s a lot to consider in your overall cosmetic surgery marketing strategy, your SEO plan can be made wisely using these five guidelines for success. If you need a free website analysis done or would like to receive a free, personalized SEO plan for your plastic surgery practice, please contact us today. The longer you go without optimizing these aspects of your online presence, the more patients you’re missing out on every day.

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Using Twitter in Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest surprises to many people in the early days of Twitter was just how quickly it exploded. People everywhere flocked to Twitter to get connected with their favorite celebrities while others used it to simply to report that they were hungry for toast…ho-hum! There’s so much more to twitter than meets the average eye. In fact, the use of Twitter and other social networking sites is now known as a vital piece of a medical practice’s online marketing model. The name of this service is called social media marketing and it does just what the name implies – provides a business with marketing in the realm of social networking sites. Here are 3 ways to use Twitter right now to help market your plastic surgery practice.

  • Use Twitter to connect with existing patients. There’s nothing better than inviting your existing patients to join you on Twitter. First, they’ll be surprised that your on Twitter, most likely. Second, you can use the opportunity to tell them about what kinds of Tweets you send out. It can be anything from Twitter-only promotions to being the first to hear about an upcoming event or skin care expert coming to speak at your office. If you think creatively, you can come up with all kinds of promotions and incentives to Tweet to your followers to get them to come in to your office. Advertise your latest newsletter issue, your newest blog post, or an expert-level article you’ve just written about new lasers that target aging skin. Be creative and just Tweet!
  • Use Twitter to promote your website. You can do this one of two ways: through your actual Tweets and through your bio/profile. In your Tweets, you can send out links to pages on your site with a short message summarizing what the link is about. You can send your Twitter followers (Tweeps) a link to a landing page on your site that is especially for a promotion or discount you are running at the time. Those Tweets will get people to your website and ultimately give you a greater chance that they will contact you for an appointment. In the second way to promote your website, your bio/profile, Twitter gives your Twitter visitors a sneak peek at your full profile by showing your shortened bio as well as a link to your website. Yes, right there in the open, Twitter promotes your practice so you can get better traffic to your site. You gotta love the power of an online community!
  • Use Twitter to connect with your colleagues. Though this may not be something you’d normally associate with helping your cosmetic surgery marketing, connecting with colleagues is crucial. The reason for this is because your colleagues may have referrals to give you from time to time. If you don’t specialize in facial reconstructive surgery but you know a colleague who does, why not Tweet them to tell them that you have a patient to refer to them and you’ll call them later that evening? Similarly, they may send over patients to you because you might specialize in removing extra skin from formerly overweight patients. Better yet, you may get a patient in your local area who is looking for a service that your colleague provides. You can Tweet them your colleague’s contact information to refer them over. There are many scenarios possible, but the main idea is that you and your colleagues can work together to provide the very best patient care…and it can all start with Twitter!

For the very best information on cosmetic surgery marketing, patient referral programs, and SEO services for plastic surgeons, contact EggStream Marketing today by calling 951.665.8360. We will provide a free website analysis to you, a free 30-second video to post on your blog or website, and a free consultation to help you plan your next online marketing move.

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