Internet Marketing and SEO for Doctors

Attention physicians, here are some things to look out for when publishing anything online to attract patients to your website. Some helpful advice from our friend Melissa:

You have a business that you want to promote online but you’re not sure how? One type of advertising is by placing ads on the free online classified sites. I know some will tell you that this type of advertising will get you absolutely nowhere. Although the outcome isn’t as striking as other types of advertising, your business will still get responses if you know the advertising basics.

The Headline

  • It is the most important part of your ad.
  • It should grab the reader’s attention.
  • It should be original.
  • The ads should contain strong keywords that have been highly researched. You can do a keyword search through Google Adwords.

The First Two Sentences

  • The first 2 sentences are the most important part of your Internet marketing. If your reader isn’t interested they will move on.
  • The sentences of the ad should be strong.
  • It should persuade the readers of the ads important, and make them want to read more.

The Body

  • Describe your business and what it has to offer.
  • Tell the reader what is in it for them.
  • Make them believe this is the best deal out there, once in a life time opportunity.
  • The advertising should be original. If a reader has seen similar ads they will quickly lose interest.
  • The description should be accomplished in as few words as possible.
  • A lot of people use bullets in Internet marketing. I’ve personally had great results with bullets.

Things to Remember About Internet Marketing

  • The business promotion should be short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Your advertising should use keywords in your title and throughout the ad.
  • The idea in Internet marketing is to grab the reader’s attention with your title and keep their attention throughout the ad.
  • You should give just enough information to peak their interest so they want to know more.
  • During your business promotion you should explain in detail what is in it for them.
  • Your advertising should make the deal sound good but not overly so otherwise your readers will believe it is a scam.

Thank you for reading my blog today. I do hope I’ve helped you. Remember to come back often because I will continue adding helpful articles to my site.

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO: Why Outsourcing is Best

If you’re like most cosmetic surgeons, your plastic surgery practice is your pride and joy. Not only is it your lifeblood, it is also a reflection of your education, skills, and expertise. Cosmetic surgery marketing is no different. Companies that handle SEO and Internet marketing for plastic surgeons take their responsibility to their clients very seriously. After all, we are a large part of your success! Here are some reasons why outsourcing to an SEO professional is the only way to market your practice online.

Patient Education and Testimonial Videos

Hiring a company to make a video for you to put up on your website is one thing; what they do with it after it is up on your site is another story. If your video is not properly marketed for the Google search engine and optimized with keywords in the title, patients won’t find it on Google. The way it works is this: Google can’t “see” videos and pictures on your website. Rather, they see the text that is “behind” it. In other words, careful thought and planning must go in to how your video is named so that patients can find you on Google when they search for something like “Miami Plastic Surgeon”.

Website Content

Your website content is just about the most important aspect of your entire SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing plan. The reason for this is because, again, Google sees text. You’ll need to have someone who knows what Google should “see” when they visit your site. Your text and links should be carefully strategized for one single purpose: to get to the top of Google. This is not to say that the content as a whole should be solely for the purpose of pleasing Google. Not at all! In fact, a real SEO expert will also have a staff of skilled writers and editors so that the content caters to educating patients first…then considering what Google wants to see.

Article Marketing

Unfortunately, this is usually where cosmetic surgery marketing “professionals” drop the ball. While your site is on its way to the top of Google, you need to have an immediate means of traffic in order to get new patients to your office. That’s where article marketing comes in. Carefully crafted articles, meant to educate and engage your prospective patients, can be published on specific article directories. Your SEO professional must know the difference between a “trash” article directory and a “treasured” article directory. It takes knowing several factors: what the site’s Google PageRank is, if the site allows links to be “followed” and what the directory’s Alexa ranking is.

These factors, when combined, will help establish a profitable publishing medium for successful cosmetic surgery marketing of your practice. If you’d like to have a strategy planned out for your SEO services, give us a call today at 1-888-345-0849 or visit our contact us page. We offer a free website analysis, free consultation, and a free 30-second video for your website or blog. We think outside the shell to stream patients to your website..and what we do works immediately!

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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – 5 Tips for Home Page SEO

5 Best Practices of Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – SEO on Your Home Page

Getting your SEO just right in order to attract patients to your website can be tricky. There’s a lot to think about including what keywords you use, what you name your site, what your page content looks like, what links you use, and which tags you use in your HTML code. Here are five tips for successful SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing for your plastic surgery practice.

#1 – Keyword Research

Any effective SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing strategy must start with impeccable keyword research. Keywords are important because they determine what terms Google will use to display your website in their search engine when people search online. If you want to target potential patients in your area, you’ll want to use keywords such as “plastic surgery (your city name here)”, “cosmetic surgery (your city name here)”, “plastic surgeon (your city name here)”, etc. and even mix it up using procedure names along with your city so that people who are searching for doctors in their area will find you online.

#2 – SEO in Your Site’s URL

What you name your site, or the domain name you choose, is very important as well. For good SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing you’ll want to try to include your type of practice and even your location if possible. Having these terms in your domain name make it easy for Google to determine what you practice and where so that you can rank highly in their search engine for both of those terms. Basically, it boils down to using strategic keywords in your website name. This is smart SEO!

#3 – Good Page Content Gets Superior SEO Results

Your page content determines what Google judges your site to be about. This determination of relevance and consistency speak volumes to how they rank your site in their search engine; a term also referred to as your site’s “PageRank”. Though not fully disclosed, Google gives clues to what they are looking for. Cosmetic surgery marketing professionals make sure that the sites they take care of comply with known SEO criteria. This helps sites rank higher. You want your site content to contain a consistent message to your website visitors. If you are promoting your practice online, your site should describe your practice, have pages containing procedure descriptions, as well as informative cosmetic surgery articles. The big picture that Google gets will help your rankings if all of your “ducks are in a line”.

#4 – Links on Your Home Page

The links you use on your site, accessible from your home page, are very important. As mentioned earlier, if you have a complete navigation menu on your home page containing links to educational articles, pages dedicated to your procedures, etc., your site will be favored by Google. The idea is that Google wants to see that people who visit your site are finding what they need (they do this by measuring how long your visitors stay on your site). The longer they stay, the more relevant your site proves to be for what your site visitors came for in the first place. Make sure the links on your site help both your cosmetic surgery marketing and your SEO.

#5 – Tags in Your HTML Code

Finally, the tags you use in your HTML code can make or break that last little push to the top of Google. You’ll probably want to hire a professional cosmetic surgery marketing firm to conduct an analysis of your site to determine how far off the mark your site is. They can help pinpoint tags that are missing, could be optimized, or extra tags that are unnecessarily clouding your HTML code. Tags that the SEO pros look for are H1 tags, Meta Title tags, H2 tags, and your official Title tag (the name of your homepage from Google’s point of view). These are things you have to tell Google. If you do it right, it helps your rank; do it incorrectly and it can actually hurt your site’s placement in Google. So, be smart about your tags and leave it to the SEO professionals!

Get an SEO Professional to Help You

Though there’s a lot to consider in your overall cosmetic surgery marketing strategy, your SEO plan can be made wisely using these five guidelines for success. If you need a free website analysis done or would like to receive a free, personalized SEO plan for your plastic surgery practice, please contact us today. The longer you go without optimizing these aspects of your online presence, the more patients you’re missing out on every day.

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How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Provider

Many people today call themselves “gurus” and other fancy names in order to give themselves credit that may not be necessarily due to them. In the world of Inernet marketing and SEO, specifically in the field of cosmetic surgery marketing, this is one of the major red flags to look for. That is, a self-proclaimed “expert” without the published information and the results to prove it. Here are 3 ways to avoid choosing a bad cosmetic surgery marketing provider.

  • First things first; what does their website say? A website is the first glimpse at what the company is about, what values they have and what services they provide. But, take a deeper look – do they have expert information on their site to help educate and inform you? It’s very hard to believe that someone knows what they’re doing without seeing it “black and white”…literally. You’ll want to look for intelligent and easy-to-understand explanations of what the provider does and why. There should be an article directory on their site, such as some marketing tips for you to digest. Their directory should show you that they not only understand medical practices but that they know plastic surgery, specifically.
  • The next thing you’ll want to look for in a good cosmetic surgery marketing provider is their integrity. Do they have a mission statement and declare a promise of excellence and results on their website? Integrity is not only verified in online testimonials, but can also be conveyed in how much faith they have in themselves. Are they offering to educate you about what changes need to be made to your site to improve your SEO in Google? If they are willing to provide that small bit of free service to show you how your site can do even better…it should be with no obligation. Other free services to look for are a free consultation to discuss your current cosmetic surgery marketing methods and to suggest ways you can improve. Our company offers a free website analysis, free consultation with our owner, and a free 30-second custom video to put up on your site. Giving some of our services away for free is our way of introducing ourselves and proving that we know what we’re doing.
  • Finally, be sure that your plastic surgery advertising provider can provide you with a free quote and custom plan to help you achieve the goals you discussed during your consultation. You’ll want to get an idea of what the costs will be before jumping in. Typically, you can expect the costs to be about 10% of the profits you are making as a result of their efforts. Usually, we see an average cost of about $3000 per month with total profits in the $30,000 per month range. Goals that the providers sets for you should be things like reaching #1 on Google through improving your SEO, getting backlinks to your site (link building), updating your blog site 3 times a week to promote your website, and writing 2 articles per week with your keywords to get maximum exposure. There are many other facets of cosmetic surgery marketing as well including patient newsletters, help with event planning or promotional offers, and patient referral rewards programs. When combined, these services offer a holistic approach to marketing your practice, both online and offline. That’s when success happens!

Contact us for a free website analysis, free 30-second customized video, and a free consultation by calling 951.665.8360. We think outside the shell to stream patients to your website – and you’ll experience the difference in doing business with us right away.

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Why SEO Services are for Everyone

The word on the streets these days seems to be that if you put something out on the Internet, say a Web site, the search engines will magically find you and you’ll start getting business right away from those sources. Sorry to burst the bubble, but that’s not entirely true.

Sure, if you have a Web site that gets indexed (found and listed) by the search engines, your site will show up if you type your domain name into the search box. However, that’s not going to get you the business you’re looking for. How many people are searching online for “Debbie’s Toffee of Connecticut”?

The better approach to getting life-changing Internet traffic lies in good SEO, or search engine optimization. Simply put, you tailor your Web site and its pages so that the search engines will like you and list you towards the first page. The ultimate goal is to get on the first page of Google where nearly 65% of all Internet searchers are surfing.

Get on the Front Page

Searching on the Internet means targeted traffic for you, should your searchers find your site. Rather than advertising to the mass public through billboards, paper ads, and the like, SEO services put you on the front page of the very place where people are looking for exactly what you offer.

For example, if you sell winter coats, you want to strategize with a search engine optimization expert (or learn this yourself) so that when someone goes to Google and searches for “winter coats”, your online site is right there for them to see. You’re more likely to get the person to not only visit your site when they are in the “buy it now” mode, but they are more likely to buy from you. This is where the SEO services magic happens!

Here are the Tools to Get There

Not only do Web site adjustments for search engine optimization help you get to the top of Google, but so does blogging, releasing press releases on the wire, making videos, and writing articles about your areas of expertise with links back to your site and its pages. SEO services in the form of blogs, articles, and press releases are great ways to gain the confidence of your prospective buyers by simply educating them first. People are not always interested in buying (or being “sold to”) at that moment, so use the opportunity to educate them instead.

Keywords are “Key”

One way to ease them into it is by using keywords that you know will help you target people who are interested in what you have to say. For instance, people may be looking for informational articles about how to create gift baskets at home. If they find your blog or article on the subject, they may eventually click in to your site to buy because they see that you are an expert in the area of gift giving and have the products available to complete their gift basket.

Remember that search engine results are never an advertising interruption for an Internet searcher; they are looking for your products and services! Try to use keywords that best describe what you offer to help the search engines place your site at the top of the rankings. You’ll have more traffic and make more sales right away. That’s what search engine optimization is all about!

To better SEO services and business profits,


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Women Owned Business: SEO Can Save Your Livelihood

There’s nothing like owning your own business and being in charge of your professional and financial destiny.  The more work you put into your business, the greater your rewards. But what if you worked your hardest and still couldn’t seem to increase your revenue?

Enter the world of SEO, or search engine optimization. When your business needs to reach the far ends of the Internet for maximum exposure, SEO is the best bet. From on-site SEO that includes tailoring the wording on your Web site pages to off-page SEO like publishing expert information online, SEO is the answer.

For women-owned business entities, the sheer volume of responsibilities can be overwhelming. Many women business owners are also wives and mothers, some of them even caretakers for their aging parents. Those great responsibilities can equate to having less time to market to new clients. This is, however, one of the worst things anyone can do to their business. It’s like a slow suicide of profits as fewer new dollars are being made and the business stagnates.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the opposite of stagnation. It utilizes techniques for your women owned business Web site that draw customers right to you; and without hours of slaving each day! Further, SEO is inexpensive if you know what to do. Sure, you can hire out the more complicated services to a professional, but there are some very real things you can do right now to optimize your site and bring in customers right away.


On-Page SEO Tips

Do keyword research (if you have not done so already) and dedicate your home page to the keywords that best describe your women owned business. For example, if you sell online pet products and you have 10 main categories of products, you should have links on your home page to each of your product-specific internal pages ( category).

You should place your keywords throughout the text on your home page with links to each of the internal pages that correspond. This will help the search engines to see that you have actual pages that exist for each of your keywords. This really helps for rankings in the search engines! Inside of your other pages, your product-specific pages (or internal pages), concentrate on ONE keyword only on that entire page.

What works best is to spread out your keyword throughout the page and also use alternates of that same keyword to boost its relevance on your site. For example, if you sell pet products, one of your internal pages might be dedicated to dog bowls. On your home page should be a Navigation bar with a link to “Dog Bowls” that connects to your internal page about dog bowls and the products you offer.

On your “Dog Bowls” page, you might include the following descriptive phrases for your main keyword: dog bowl, ceramic dog bowl, acrylic dog dishes, dog dishes, drinking bowls for dogs, personalized dog dishes, etc. To really help your site, have a page dedicated to each of those sub-types of dog bowls with a link to those pages on your main “dog bowls” page. This is smart linking, organized thinking, and the search engines love it!

Next time, we’ll talk about Off-Page SEO Tips for your women owned business entity. Remember that it’s never too late to jump into the game of SEO, fix your site to start ranking in the search engines, and to dominate your market!

To better search engine rankings!

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The Benefits of SEO for Your Online Business

If you have a web site, then you know how important it is to optimize it for the search engines. The term “SEO” refers to search engine optimization, or the practice of making your web site ideal for the search engines to find you and place you at the top of the search results.

Getting to page 1 of Google can mean the difference between making $1000 a month in revenue versus $10,000 or more. By simply ensuring that your business is found when people search for something in the Internet, you are securing ranking, revenue, and a powerful presence.

Today, let’s look at the benefits of White Hat SEO and the pitfalls of doing it the opposite way. First, consider that spamming and deception are two of the worst revenue blights to your business that you can generate. Spamming is the practice of “black hat” methods for gaining traffic (visitors) to your site.

Some of these methods include tricking customers with pay per click (PPC) ads that say one thing openly, but take customers to a site that sells something completely different. One example might be a PPC ad with a picture of an attractive woman exercising and giving your potential “clicks” the idea that they are being sent to a popular weight loss product site. Spamming is when the ad takes them to a site that offers online gaming.

Another type of “black hat” SEO marketing online is a redirect. A redirect is when you look legitimate upfront and then deceive the site visitor into another site by “pushing” them there. An example of this would be a link that advertises a shoe site for a popular brand of basketball shoes. However, once the visitor gets to the site, they are suddenly and swiftly taken to another site that sells something entirely different, say cellular phones.

These are not good practices for any business, let alone one that plans to rise through the rankings and sustain that spot at the top. The best forms of SEO and SEO marketing include all White Hat SEO marketing practices. These are legitimate and honest ways to create a name for yourself, your business, and your products.

White Hat SEO includes such things as:

  • Creating original, useful, and informative content for your site visitors
  • Using your keywords on your site as well as in off-site marketing such as article marketing, press releases, and blogs
  • Learning to link your keywords to your home page and relevant interior pages within your site

These are just a few of the Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO practices that dominate the search engine optimization realm today. Though people constantly evolve and try to outrun the reaches of the Google spiders and spam detecting programs, they eventually will get dropped from the search engine index and have to start over again.

In our opinion, White Hat SEO is the best way to run your business, the smartest way to build your revenue and customer base, and the most stable way of building an online presence that will stand the test of time.

For more about SEO Internet Marketing and access to White Hat SEO services for your online business, visit us at EggStream

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