Why Cosmetic Surgeons Need SEO

A.J. Wilcox

AJ Wilcox has been in love with search engine marketing for over 3 years. He specializes in SEO and graduated from BYU’s business school in the marketing program. He is currently SEO team lead at OrangeSoda.com, overseeing hundreds of client accounts.

Why Cosmetic Surgeons Need SEO

Speaking with a plastic surgeon a few weeks back, he mentioned when he found out I was an SEO guy, “Man, search engine marketers call my office several times a day!” Why is there such a target placed on SEO for plastic/cosmetic surgeons? I’ll tell you why – it’s the nature of the business.

Why SEO Makes Sense for Cosmetic Surgeons

SEO doesn’t always make sense for every industry, but it’s a great fit for cosmetic surgeons for the following reasons:

·         People are looking for you

·         Cosmetic surgeons can afford it

·         High worth of one client

·         Localization of services

·         SEO as an investment

Let’s cover why your practice needs an SEO consultant:

Customers Are Looking for You

You can tell by looking at search volume for your city and keywords how many people are looking for your services.  What do you gain by being visible to the customers who are actively searching for you? After all, more and more people are searching online instead of the phone book, and that change is not going to reverse. Be available where your customers are looking for you.

Afford It

High-margin customers mean that you have more of an opportunity to put together a solid marketing budget than in other industries. Use that to your advantage, and put that marketing budget to good use.

Client Worth

Since each acquired client results in a high-dollar worth, positive ROI on your SEO marketing spend is easy to see, with one or two extra clients justifying the expense. Results in SEO are also very easily measured because of analytics tracking and conversion tracking. Nowhere else will you find such transparency of value for your marketing budget.


When you target a specific city or other type of locale, there is naturally less keyword competition. Less competition means faster, surer results! If you were to try to market yourself simply for the keyword “cosmetic surgery”, you would likely need a multi-million-dollar budget; however, you attach your city name onto that keyword, and search engine marketing becomes affordable for you. Aside from not having to spend as much, you will see results fast too. I have seen plastic surgeons’ sites make it onto the first page in anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months…and that is fast in the world of search engine marketing. Local SEO has huge speed benefits.

SEO is an Investment

If you put your marketing budget into an advertisement, that value leaves as soon as you stop paying. If you put your marketing budget towards SEO, this is value that will stick around. Even after your campaign is over, you will still see residual traffic and rankings from the efforts of your SEO campaign. Also, the earlier you get into SEO, the less work it’s going to be to get to, and stay at the top. It’s harder to pass competitors later if you’re late in the game.

So spend the money where it makes sense the most. The benefits to a cosmetic surgery practice are too much to ignore. Don’t wait and make the improvement harder to see later – get in early and get customers faster.

Guest Post Contributed by:

A.J. Wilcox
SEO Team Leader

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