Though most people think that “SEO” involves Web site design, that’s only part of the equation. True and effective search engine optimization using specific keywords, anchor text (the text that your link “links with”) done with intention, and increasing your site’s backlinks (sites that link back to your site) all need to be applied in order to increase your site’s page ranking.

It all starts with keyword research. Helping you narrow down your target market is what we do best. Once we establish what keywords you need to target for maximum results, we can begin to plan a strategy to help your site start ranking at the top of the search engines…and, yes, we also research what your competitors are doing so we can help you crush them! We like to refer to this as “making breakfast out of your competition”!

For cosmetic surgery practices, careful planning must take place so that you are targeting not only your local area for potential patients, but you are also taking advantage of using keywords that include what types of procedures you perform. This will hone in your website to focus on Internet searchers who are looking for cosmetic surgery services in your area.

Since SEO for cosmetic surgeons involves much more than proper use of keywords, we implement a wide range of the most effective SEO-affecting techniques. Our goal is to double your website visitors in the first month (for already established sites). Newer sites that we create for our clients take a couple of months for Google to start ranking them highly.

We help your site with article marketing, press releases, social media marketing, link building, patient newsletters, blog site set up and maintenance, website design with SEO in mind, and patient referral rewards programs.  Check out our SEO services page on our website and contact us today to get started on your new cosmetic surgery marketing plan.


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