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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Engage Patients on Twitter

How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Provider

Many people today call themselves “gurus” and other fancy names in order to give themselves credit that may not be necessarily due to them. In the world of Inernet marketing and SEO, specifically in the field of cosmetic surgery marketing, this is one of the major red flags to look for. That is, a self-proclaimed “expert” without the published information and the results to prove it. Here are 3 ways to avoid choosing a bad cosmetic surgery marketing provider.

  • First things first; what does their website say? A website is the first glimpse at what the company is about, what values they have and what services they provide. But, take a deeper look – do they have expert information on their site to help educate and inform you? It’s very hard to believe that someone knows what they’re doing without seeing it “black and white”…literally. You’ll want to look for intelligent and easy-to-understand explanations of what the provider does and why. There should be an article directory on their site, such as some marketing tips for you to digest. Their directory should show you that they not only understand medical practices but that they know plastic surgery, specifically.
  • The next thing you’ll want to look for in a good cosmetic surgery marketing provider is their integrity. Do they have a mission statement and declare a promise of excellence and results on their website? Integrity is not only verified in online testimonials, but can also be conveyed in how much faith they have in themselves. Are they offering to educate you about what changes need to be made to your site to improve your SEO in Google? If they are willing to provide that small bit of free service to show you how your site can do even better…it should be with no obligation. Other free services to look for are a free consultation to discuss your current cosmetic surgery marketing methods and to suggest ways you can improve. Our company offers a free website analysis, free consultation with our owner, and a free 30-second custom video to put up on your site. Giving some of our services away for free is our way of introducing ourselves and proving that we know what we’re doing.
  • Finally, be sure that your plastic surgery advertising provider can provide you with a free quote and custom plan to help you achieve the goals you discussed during your consultation. You’ll want to get an idea of what the costs will be before jumping in. Typically, you can expect the costs to be about 10% of the profits you are making as a result of their efforts. Usually, we see an average cost of about $3000 per month with total profits in the $30,000 per month range. Goals that the providers sets for you should be things like reaching #1 on Google through improving your SEO, getting backlinks to your site (link building), updating your blog site 3 times a week to promote your website, and writing 2 articles per week with your keywords to get maximum exposure. There are many other facets of cosmetic surgery marketing as well including patient newsletters, help with event planning or promotional offers, and patient referral rewards programs. When combined, these services offer a holistic approach to marketing your practice, both online and offline. That’s when success happens!

Contact us for a free website analysis, free 30-second customized video, and a free consultation by calling 951.665.8360. We think outside the shell to stream patients to your website – and you’ll experience the difference in doing business with us right away.

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Using Twitter in Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest surprises to many people in the early days of Twitter was just how quickly it exploded. People everywhere flocked to Twitter to get connected with their favorite celebrities while others used it to simply to report that they were hungry for toast…ho-hum! There’s so much more to twitter than meets the average eye. In fact, the use of Twitter and other social networking sites is now known as a vital piece of a medical practice’s online marketing model. The name of this service is called social media marketing and it does just what the name implies – provides a business with marketing in the realm of social networking sites. Here are 3 ways to use Twitter right now to help market your plastic surgery practice.

  • Use Twitter to connect with existing patients. There’s nothing better than inviting your existing patients to join you on Twitter. First, they’ll be surprised that your on Twitter, most likely. Second, you can use the opportunity to tell them about what kinds of Tweets you send out. It can be anything from Twitter-only promotions to being the first to hear about an upcoming event or skin care expert coming to speak at your office. If you think creatively, you can come up with all kinds of promotions and incentives to Tweet to your followers to get them to come in to your office. Advertise your latest newsletter issue, your newest blog post, or an expert-level article you’ve just written about new lasers that target aging skin. Be creative and just Tweet!
  • Use Twitter to promote your website. You can do this one of two ways: through your actual Tweets and through your bio/profile. In your Tweets, you can send out links to pages on your site with a short message summarizing what the link is about. You can send your Twitter followers (Tweeps) a link to a landing page on your site that is especially for a promotion or discount you are running at the time. Those Tweets will get people to your website and ultimately give you a greater chance that they will contact you for an appointment. In the second way to promote your website, your bio/profile, Twitter gives your Twitter visitors a sneak peek at your full profile by showing your shortened bio as well as a link to your website. Yes, right there in the open, Twitter promotes your practice so you can get better traffic to your site. You gotta love the power of an online community!
  • Use Twitter to connect with your colleagues. Though this may not be something you’d normally associate with helping your cosmetic surgery marketing, connecting with colleagues is crucial. The reason for this is because your colleagues may have referrals to give you from time to time. If you don’t specialize in facial reconstructive surgery but you know a colleague who does, why not Tweet them to tell them that you have a patient to refer to them and you’ll call them later that evening? Similarly, they may send over patients to you because you might specialize in removing extra skin from formerly overweight patients. Better yet, you may get a patient in your local area who is looking for a service that your colleague provides. You can Tweet them your colleague’s contact information to refer them over. There are many scenarios possible, but the main idea is that you and your colleagues can work together to provide the very best patient care…and it can all start with Twitter!

For the very best information on cosmetic surgery marketing, patient referral programs, and SEO services for plastic surgeons, contact EggStream Marketing today by calling 951.665.8360. We will provide a free website analysis to you, a free 30-second video to post on your blog or website, and a free consultation to help you plan your next online marketing move.

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Online Reputation Management for Plastic Surgeons

There are indeed certain industries, and professions that are at particularly high risk of getting online complaints. Doctors and medical professionals in general happen to one of those threatened professions because these providers are dealing with the general public, and come into contact with many different people on any given day. Today, just about everyone has easy access to social media and the internet.

Social Media Buzz

Aren’t we reminded of this enough with the onset and popularity of social media marketing these days? It could be an unhappy ex-employee, other doctors, dissatisfied patients or their families who criticizes you online. It simply could be anyone at all. Sadly, it only takes one negative review, report, or criticism on a social networking site or elsewhere online to spread like wildfire and completely ruin your good reputation.

The Dangers of a Bad Online Reputation

Just imagine Googling your business name, and front and center, the #1 search result just above your company’s listing is another result, but this one isn’t certainly not something you WANT people to see.  It could be a lawsuit that was brought against your company, or possibly it’s the out of order ravings of a new blogger who happens to have been an unhappy patient years ago. Maybe the narrative is true, or maybe it’s not.  Ultimately, it doesn’t even matter. Unfortunately removing those unwanted search results can be extremely difficult and cost intensive. But what if you could have prevented it in the first place?

Protect Your Practice

In order to protect your good name, and your cosmetic surgery practice’s online reputation it is imperative to be proactive in your approach. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to go online and make sure to reserve your company’s username and create branded profiles on multiple social networking sites such as twitter, linkedin, facebook and even niche sites like medicalmingle. There are a multitude of opportunities like this that will help a plastic surgery practice dominate the search results with their social profiles which are often very strong and come up within the first few listings in the search engine results. Integrating the creation of these profiles into your online cosmetic surgery marketing strategy is imperative.

So, it’s really that simple… instead of waiting idly by for an attack on your reputation online take the proactive approach and begin taking control of your online reputation today!


Thank you to Elise Redlin-Cook for her guest blog post contribution today! Here’s more information about Elise:

Elise Redlin-Cook of Vertical Measures

Elise Redlin-Cook

 Elise Redlin-Cook, Promotion Strategy Specialist at Vertical Measures. She works closely with link  building and search engine optimization experts to design website marketing and promotional strategies combining multiple marketing disciplines such as traditional public relations, online reputation management, social  media marketing, content creation and distribution ensuring that search engines and customers can easily find and connect with her client’s product and services. 



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