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Get to Know Our Founder, Kim Virrueta

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing, SEO Expert and Business Owner, Kim Virrueta. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if we can measure up to what you need in a cosmetic surgery marketing partner. The answer to that is a resounding “yes”! You won’t find any other company more committed to your success and growth than EggStream Marketing. Why? Because we know that you need a solid cosmetic surgery marketing plan in order to see your practice grow. We have a “no frills” strategy to get the most done for you with the least cost and in the fastest time possible.

Kim Virrueta started our company in January 2009 after years of experience in the medical, marketing, and customer service fields. In 1996 and 1997 she completed coursework and participated in an internship program for surgical technology, some of which was spent in the O.R. helping with plastic surgery procedures. From 2001 to 2008, she worked at an online medical marketing firm geared towards doctors and nurses in all specialties.

  • With a total of more than 16 years running customer service departments, her focus is on client satisfaction, 100% of the time. She is also expertly skilled in Internet Marketing and SEO, including other methods of marketing businesses online such as article marketing, video marketing, press releases, link building, social media marketing, and blogging.
  • She is also a patient herself, having undergone two cosmetic surgery procedures in 2004. As a result, she highly values the tremendous services that cosmetic surgeons provide to their patients including the confidence her own surgeon gave her.
  • You’ll find that she brings a unique perspective to our cosmetic surgery marketing techniques from her years working behind-the-scenes in the O.R., being a patient herself, and working in the medical marketing field for so many years. Our entire team is carefully selected to have similar attributes so that each of our clients is provided with expert services.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to grow your cosmetic surgery practice, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free site analysis (including a free 30-second video for your current site if you contact us today). If you try us out for free and don’t love our services, we’ll even send you a free Internet Marketing ebook just for contacting us (fortunately, we don’t give out many of these)!

Our Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Services Include:

  • Web Site Design – Taking your practice to the next level with a professional appearance and easy navigation and layout for your patients.
  • Web Site Content – Patient education and SEO wrapped into an effective content strategy that benefits both you and your patients.
  • Video Marketing – Videos about your cosmetic surgery practice such as an introduction video, patient education videos about procedures, patient testimonials, before and after showcases, announcement of events or promotions offered by your practice. Establishment of a YouTube channel.
  • SEO and Search Engine Marketing – Expert, proven SEO methods applied to your content, page structure, and in your HTML coding for #1 Google rankings.
  • Article Marketing – Weekly publication of patient-geared articles in the highest ranking article directories to bring traffic to your site immediately.
  • Press Releases – Monthly (or as needed) release of newsworthy announcements regarding your practice, services, developments in your Internet marketing progress, and promotions/offers you are offering.
  • Link Building Strategies – Obtaining links back to your Web site home page and internal pages from relevant and authoritative sites in your specialty.
  • Patient Emails/Newsletters – Design, creation of content, management, and implementation of patient email list so you can stay in touch with your patients and bring them back into your office again and again.
  • Patient Referral Rewards – Unique and creative ways to engage your patients that encourage them to refer their friends and family to you.
  • Blog Site Set-Up and Maintenance – Creation of a WordPress blog site with unique blog content added twice weekly with links back to your site for maximum cosmetic surgery marketing of your practice.
  • Social Media Marketing – Creation of social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook with daily interaction. Continual efforts to increase friends and followers.
  • Keyword Research – Knowledgeable research to promote your practice in your local area for maximum exposure in your locale.
  • Free Services – Free Web site analysis and free 30-second video to put on your homepage. If you don’t decide to hire us, we’ll also send you a free ebook just for considering us for your cosmetic surgery marketing needs (fortunately, we don’t give too many of these away).

Contact us today for a customized quote for cosmetic surgery marketing

services that will work best for your practice’s unique needs!


2 Responses

  1. I am trying to find a SEO company to write monthly articles and blogs for several of my speciality websites that I have just finished developing. Does your company provide writers to do these jobs. Please email me if so at daulicino@acquablumedicalspa.com. Dana, Director, Premier Plastic Surgery

    • Hi Dana,

      We haven’t spoken in awhile, but I just wanted to follow up with you and see if you were able to find a good SEO company to do your article & blog writing? I’m available to answer any questions you may have. We write blogs, articles, and website page content relating to aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgery that is SEO-centric. Hope to hear from you soon!


      Kim Virrueta
      Owner, EggStream Marketing

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