Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and Press Releases

Improve Your Small Business’ Web Site’s SEO with Press Releases

Most consultants and entrepreneurs spend hours asking “How can I improve my search engine optimization” with Google and other search engines. Then they spend countless hours optimizing their pages with keywords and content in the hopes that Google will notice their site and rank it higher than competitors.

Did you know that press releases can help you improve your SEO rankings?

It’s true, but most small businesses fail to realize that press releases can help improve a  web site’s ranking on major search engines.

Three Ways to Improve Your Web Site’s SEO with Press Releases

1.  Use keyword analysis find out what people are looking for when they search and write a press release about that term. For example, they might look for “how do I hire a consultant?” You could write a press release that announces you have a white paper or special report on the five steps to make sure you hire the right consultant.

2.  Put keywords in the subject line. Search engines look for relevant info that their searchers are looking for. Think of the terms and words your prospects would use to find your site and put those words in the headline. Since headlines have a very limited amount of space, you might focus on the keyword that describes your market, like “chiropractors” or “financial planners.” Or you could focus on the benefit that your service offers like “make more money,” “reduce stress,” or “have a healthier body.” If you can combine the target audience with the main benefit, you’d be in great shape! For example “New study shows how financial planners can reduce stress.”

3.  When using keywords in headlines or in the press release, be careful to make sure that proper grammar and logic are applied. If you use a keyword too many times, or use variations of the keywords in illogical syntax, it will read poorly to prospects and the search engines will figure out you are trying to game the system.

If you follow these tips, you’ll get better rankings on search engines and more people will learn about you.

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Do you want your press release picked up in major media? Read my special report “How to Get Your Business-Oriented Press Release Printed on Top Tier Media Sites – Guaranteed,” by visiting Publicity thought leader Dan Janal is Founder and President of PR LEADS PLUS which offers a variety of do-it-yourself tools to help small businesses get publicity, including media lists, press release writing and targeted article marketing services and press release distribution.

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2 Responses

  1. Very interesting article on Cosmetic Surgery Marketing using Press Releases. I’ve had mixed results with press releases, but there is always hope. Also, you might be interested in the article I wrote about Cosmetic Dentistry and Surgery Taxes being defeated in Washington State at What a headache tax those procedures would have been for doctors and dentists.

    • Thanks for your link to the post! Very informative. I had no idea that taxes were up for consideration. That sure would have been a headache! If you have any posts that would apply to my niche of the medical industry I’d love to post it on my blog. Do you ever accept guest posts? I’d love to write about some patient referral rewards ideas for cosmetic dentistry if you’d allow me to provide you with a post and a link back to my site? My main website (the one I am interested in linking to) is

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

      Kim, Owner of EggStream Marketing

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