Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO: Why Outsourcing is Best

If you’re like most cosmetic surgeons, your plastic surgery practice is your pride and joy. Not only is it your lifeblood, it is also a reflection of your education, skills, and expertise. Cosmetic surgery marketing is no different. Companies that handle SEO and Internet marketing for plastic surgeons take their responsibility to their clients very seriously. After all, we are a large part of your success! Here are some reasons why outsourcing to an SEO professional is the only way to market your practice online.

Patient Education and Testimonial Videos

Hiring a company to make a video for you to put up on your website is one thing; what they do with it after it is up on your site is another story. If your video is not properly marketed for the Google search engine and optimized with keywords in the title, patients won’t find it on Google. The way it works is this: Google can’t “see” videos and pictures on your website. Rather, they see the text that is “behind” it. In other words, careful thought and planning must go in to how your video is named so that patients can find you on Google when they search for something like “Miami Plastic Surgeon”.

Website Content

Your website content is just about the most important aspect of your entire SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing plan. The reason for this is because, again, Google sees text. You’ll need to have someone who knows what Google should “see” when they visit your site. Your text and links should be carefully strategized for one single purpose: to get to the top of Google. This is not to say that the content as a whole should be solely for the purpose of pleasing Google. Not at all! In fact, a real SEO expert will also have a staff of skilled writers and editors so that the content caters to educating patients first…then considering what Google wants to see.

Article Marketing

Unfortunately, this is usually where cosmetic surgery marketing “professionals” drop the ball. While your site is on its way to the top of Google, you need to have an immediate means of traffic in order to get new patients to your office. That’s where article marketing comes in. Carefully crafted articles, meant to educate and engage your prospective patients, can be published on specific article directories. Your SEO professional must know the difference between a “trash” article directory and a “treasured” article directory. It takes knowing several factors: what the site’s Google PageRank is, if the site allows links to be “followed” and what the directory’s Alexa ranking is.

These factors, when combined, will help establish a profitable publishing medium for successful cosmetic surgery marketing of your practice. If you’d like to have a strategy planned out for your SEO services, give us a call today at 1-888-345-0849 or visit our contact us page. We offer a free website analysis, free consultation, and a free 30-second video for your website or blog. We think outside the shell to stream patients to your website..and what we do works immediately!

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