More Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO Tips

More Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO Tips for Instant Website Traffic

Getting traffic to your website will not only benefit your Google rankings, but it will positively affect your bottom line by bringing more patients into your office. Here are three expert tips for instant SEO help for your site to boost your cosmetic surgery marketing results online.

  • First, you’re going to need to continuously update and add to your site content. This tells patients that you’re actively developing content that aims to educate them and that they should check back frequently for more information. This helps draw traffic from existing patients through your home page, newsletters and share buttons on your videos. We recommend accomplishing this by posting your videos to YouTube and then using their “YouTube embed code” to display the video on your site. The other benefit from having fresh content is to your online cosmetic surgery marketing; Google will visit your site more regularly to check for new content (which helps your SEO). Your rankings will soar in their search engine!
  • Look at your site from your patient’s point of view. You should look at competing cosmetic surgeons’ sites and follow their lead. Look at what types of pages they have on their site. Are they using articles and/or videos to promote their practice? How effective is their content in educating patients? Make your content even better than theirs, include your keywords several times in all of your on-site pages, and Google will start to rank you even higher in their search engine. Your SEO efforts will beat the other surgeons in your area within weeks!
  • Since there’s always room for improvement, identify weaknesses in your competitor’s website content and improve yours accordingly. This will keep patients on your site longer. Not only does this increase the time they spend on your site; it helps your Google PageRank and gives you a better chance to build visitors’ trust so they make an appointment with you. Get a Google Analytics account and install the code onto your home page HTML code. This will begin to tabulate how long your site visitors are on your site for, what pages they are visiting most, and where they are coming from. This is invaluable SEO information for you to use for making improvements to your cosmetic surgery marketing strategy.

By following these SEO tips and tricks, you’ll meet the basic online needs of your potential patients through smart cosmetic surgery marketing while boosting your SEO results with Google. If you need help with your online marketing strategy or SEO for your plastic surgery practice’s website, contact us today at 951.665.8360.

*We provide a free website analysis, free consultation, and a free 30-second video to put up on your blog, website, or YouTube channel.

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