Cosmetic Surgery Marketing SEO Tips

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing and SEO Tips for Instant Website Traffic

Your plastic surgery practice needs to receive patients from a variety of sources in order to get the most out of your cosmetic surgery marketing. The SEO expertise applied to your site helps get the best traffic coming from your website and going to your office.  Here are two helpful SEO tips to boost your plastic surgery practice and get the most traffic from your website as possible.

  • Update your site content frequently and regularly. This can be anything from changing the front page to continuing to add to articles on your website. By adding and changing content on your website pages consistently, you will let Google know that your site is active and worthy of re-indexing. Indexing is when Google sends its spider bot to your site to check for new content and to “read” your site. If you have updated, new content on your site when Google visits your site, they will make note of that and visit your site more often. Lower ranking websites get visited by Google about every 10-15 days at most and sites that are on page 1 of Google, for example, can get visited one or more times per day. Use your cosmetic surgery marketing online to push your website to the top of Google by keeping your content fresh!
  • Have places on your site where patients are likely to return to in order to check for updates. For example, using your site to host a video library of educational content is a great way to keep site visitors on your site as well as to draw existing patients to your site when you add a new video or article. You want site visitors to stay on your site for as long as possible because that tells Google that your site contains exactly what visitors want to see. The result is that you get cosmetic surgery marketing “points” with Google (aka: you’ll rank higher).

By using these SEO tips for your plastic surgery website, you will naturally rise through the ranks of Google’s search engine. Having a website is not enough anymore, you must engage your patients, keep them on your site longer, and keep them returning for more…again and again. Use these tips today to instantly get more traffic to your site!

For more cosmetic surgery marketing tips, visit our online article library made especially for educating cosmetic surgeons in online marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. Contact us today a free website analysis at 951.665.8360 to pinpoint weak area of your website’s SEO and to get suggestions for improving your online cosmetic surgery marketing strategy.

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