Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – 5 Tips for Home Page SEO

5 Best Practices of Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – SEO on Your Home Page

Getting your SEO just right in order to attract patients to your website can be tricky. There’s a lot to think about including what keywords you use, what you name your site, what your page content looks like, what links you use, and which tags you use in your HTML code. Here are five tips for successful SEO and cosmetic surgery marketing for your plastic surgery practice.

#1 – Keyword Research

Any effective SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing strategy must start with impeccable keyword research. Keywords are important because they determine what terms Google will use to display your website in their search engine when people search online. If you want to target potential patients in your area, you’ll want to use keywords such as “plastic surgery (your city name here)”, “cosmetic surgery (your city name here)”, “plastic surgeon (your city name here)”, etc. and even mix it up using procedure names along with your city so that people who are searching for doctors in their area will find you online.

#2 – SEO in Your Site’s URL

What you name your site, or the domain name you choose, is very important as well. For good SEO in your cosmetic surgery marketing you’ll want to try to include your type of practice and even your location if possible. Having these terms in your domain name make it easy for Google to determine what you practice and where so that you can rank highly in their search engine for both of those terms. Basically, it boils down to using strategic keywords in your website name. This is smart SEO!

#3 – Good Page Content Gets Superior SEO Results

Your page content determines what Google judges your site to be about. This determination of relevance and consistency speak volumes to how they rank your site in their search engine; a term also referred to as your site’s “PageRank”. Though not fully disclosed, Google gives clues to what they are looking for. Cosmetic surgery marketing professionals make sure that the sites they take care of comply with known SEO criteria. This helps sites rank higher. You want your site content to contain a consistent message to your website visitors. If you are promoting your practice online, your site should describe your practice, have pages containing procedure descriptions, as well as informative cosmetic surgery articles. The big picture that Google gets will help your rankings if all of your “ducks are in a line”.

#4 – Links on Your Home Page

The links you use on your site, accessible from your home page, are very important. As mentioned earlier, if you have a complete navigation menu on your home page containing links to educational articles, pages dedicated to your procedures, etc., your site will be favored by Google. The idea is that Google wants to see that people who visit your site are finding what they need (they do this by measuring how long your visitors stay on your site). The longer they stay, the more relevant your site proves to be for what your site visitors came for in the first place. Make sure the links on your site help both your cosmetic surgery marketing and your SEO.

#5 – Tags in Your HTML Code

Finally, the tags you use in your HTML code can make or break that last little push to the top of Google. You’ll probably want to hire a professional cosmetic surgery marketing firm to conduct an analysis of your site to determine how far off the mark your site is. They can help pinpoint tags that are missing, could be optimized, or extra tags that are unnecessarily clouding your HTML code. Tags that the SEO pros look for are H1 tags, Meta Title tags, H2 tags, and your official Title tag (the name of your homepage from Google’s point of view). These are things you have to tell Google. If you do it right, it helps your rank; do it incorrectly and it can actually hurt your site’s placement in Google. So, be smart about your tags and leave it to the SEO professionals!

Get an SEO Professional to Help You

Though there’s a lot to consider in your overall cosmetic surgery marketing strategy, your SEO plan can be made wisely using these five guidelines for success. If you need a free website analysis done or would like to receive a free, personalized SEO plan for your plastic surgery practice, please contact us today. The longer you go without optimizing these aspects of your online presence, the more patients you’re missing out on every day.

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