Using Twitter in Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest surprises to many people in the early days of Twitter was just how quickly it exploded. People everywhere flocked to Twitter to get connected with their favorite celebrities while others used it to simply to report that they were hungry for toast…ho-hum! There’s so much more to twitter than meets the average eye. In fact, the use of Twitter and other social networking sites is now known as a vital piece of a medical practice’s online marketing model. The name of this service is called social media marketing and it does just what the name implies – provides a business with marketing in the realm of social networking sites. Here are 3 ways to use Twitter right now to help market your plastic surgery practice.

  • Use Twitter to connect with existing patients. There’s nothing better than inviting your existing patients to join you on Twitter. First, they’ll be surprised that your on Twitter, most likely. Second, you can use the opportunity to tell them about what kinds of Tweets you send out. It can be anything from Twitter-only promotions to being the first to hear about an upcoming event or skin care expert coming to speak at your office. If you think creatively, you can come up with all kinds of promotions and incentives to Tweet to your followers to get them to come in to your office. Advertise your latest newsletter issue, your newest blog post, or an expert-level article you’ve just written about new lasers that target aging skin. Be creative and just Tweet!
  • Use Twitter to promote your website. You can do this one of two ways: through your actual Tweets and through your bio/profile. In your Tweets, you can send out links to pages on your site with a short message summarizing what the link is about. You can send your Twitter followers (Tweeps) a link to a landing page on your site that is especially for a promotion or discount you are running at the time. Those Tweets will get people to your website and ultimately give you a greater chance that they will contact you for an appointment. In the second way to promote your website, your bio/profile, Twitter gives your Twitter visitors a sneak peek at your full profile by showing your shortened bio as well as a link to your website. Yes, right there in the open, Twitter promotes your practice so you can get better traffic to your site. You gotta love the power of an online community!
  • Use Twitter to connect with your colleagues. Though this may not be something you’d normally associate with helping your cosmetic surgery marketing, connecting with colleagues is crucial. The reason for this is because your colleagues may have referrals to give you from time to time. If you don’t specialize in facial reconstructive surgery but you know a colleague who does, why not Tweet them to tell them that you have a patient to refer to them and you’ll call them later that evening? Similarly, they may send over patients to you because you might specialize in removing extra skin from formerly overweight patients. Better yet, you may get a patient in your local area who is looking for a service that your colleague provides. You can Tweet them your colleague’s contact information to refer them over. There are many scenarios possible, but the main idea is that you and your colleagues can work together to provide the very best patient care…and it can all start with Twitter!

For the very best information on cosmetic surgery marketing, patient referral programs, and SEO services for plastic surgeons, contact EggStream Marketing today by calling 951.665.8360. We will provide a free website analysis to you, a free 30-second video to post on your blog or website, and a free consultation to help you plan your next online marketing move.

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