Successful Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – SEO in Your Domain Name

How an Optimized Domain Name Can Help Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

From the very start of an online venture, whether it be a new blog site or your plastic surgery practice’s online Web presence, the domain name of your site should be one of the most important considerations. The reason for this is that the domain name helps tell what your site is about, will help Google in scoring how your site ranks, and will also catch the eye of Internet surfers looking for what you offer. This technique helps all facets of your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts.

Considering the very nature of SEO, choosing your domain name carefully and making sure it falls in line with the services you offer is just plain smart. Your potential patients will see what services you provide in both your link name and in the title and description you tell Google to display in their search engine. When all three of those elements jive together, it backs up the relevance of your site. And relevance is yet another valuable way that Google scores sites for PageRank placement.

What is PageRank?
PageRank is Google’s way of giving each website a grade. You must use this to help your cosmetic surgery marketing online, or you won’t see the results you want. To explain it in another way, when you were in school your grades showed how well you did on tests, on homework, and measured your overall effort. With Google, it’s a very similar concept; they score each site on many facets of their online presence. One of those scoring criteria is domain name, or the name of your website. While this is an important factor, don’t fret if your site is already up and your domain name can’t be changed at this point. There are lots of other things you can do to help your PageRank score. Check out some of our other posts in the SEO category to read more about those topics.


Don’t Take a Gamble with Your Online Success

For now, however, we’ll stick to domain name. Your domain name should ideally contain the main keyword or keyword phrase that you have already pre-researched. Keyword research is the first step to choosing the right domain name. If you skip that step, you’re taking a stab in the dark and walking blindly through your business venture. That’s something nobody wants to do! You can use the clever Keyword Tool from Google to see what people are searching for, the seasonality or trendiness of each keyword phrase, and what the competition looks like. You’ll want to remember that an excellent keyword/keyword phrase has good search volume, average to low competition, and a tendency to not be too seasonal.

Since Google wants to feed their Internet surfers the most relevant sites first and then less relevant sites after that, you want your domain name to be as relevent to your site’s purpose as possible. You will already have a leg up on your competition – and every needs that extra nudge in the right direction. Take, for example, you want to have a site that targets liposuction procedures. Upon doing further  research, you might discover that there are plenty of searchers for this procedure – that’s a good thing.

Beware of Seasonality and Plan Ahead

However, the procedure is highly seasonal to spring and summer in all areas of the U.S. other than Florida and the southwest. If you live near a major metropolitan area (or in one of the warmer states) you may discover that the competition is pretty high as well. To combat this, you may want to beef up your pay-per-click advertising and have some non-seasonal websites up (such as rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation focused sites) to keep procedure sales up all year round. This is smart cosmetic surgery marketing, and you can bet that most of your fellow area doctors are not doing those things.


Keywords in the Domain

For cosmetic surgery marketing, the same concept applies. You’ll want to put what you do in the domain name of your site. This can include phrases like “rhinoplasty”, for example, or “plastic surgery” or “cosmetic surgery”. Once those keywords are in your domain, you’ll want to also include the region or area where you want to target. This can be the place where most of your patients live or can even be just one of many of the areas you wish to target.


Region Should Be Included Too

By including the city/metro area surrounding your practice as well as what type of services you practice, you’ll be optimizing your domain name for region as well as what patients are searching for. If you are in San Diego, for exmaple, you might choose several domain names to cover all of your bases and point as much traffic to your site as possible. You may want to pick the wealthiest surrounding areas in San Diego such as La Jolla and Rancho Bernardo. Then, you can have several small websites going that have a domain name of “lajollaplasticsurgery” or something of that nature. You get the point – target patient areas using your website name along with what kind of practice you have. You can drill down even further for better patient inflow by having several niche websites to market each of the procedures that you perform.


But You’re Not Done Yet

Don’t forget to perform impeccable search engine optimization on the rest of your site so you can get high PageRank. First, start with the basics; excellent keyword research and an optimized domain name. Feel free to contact us for help with choosing the right domain name, designing your website or implementing SEO as well as complete cosmetic surgery marketing services. We are offering one free website analysis to plastic surgeons. We’re here to help you!


Kim Virrueta is the owner of EggStream Marketing, a cosmetic surgery marketing firm in Southern California.

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