3 Time Management Tips that Women in Business Need to Know

Time Management for Women in Business

Do you find yourself asking at the end of the day, “Where did all of my time go?” It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re engrossed in a project or task, but how much time are you spending on everything collectively? Before another day goes by where time is spiraling out of control, follow these 3 simple tips to get control of your day again.

  1. First, get a grip on what needs to be done. Women in business, set priorities that will ensure your financial success! By concentrating on only what leads to your ultimate goals, you will potentially weed out hours of wasted time. Outsource help to others for tasks that are very important, but will eat up too much of your time that could be better spent. Virtual assistants are great for helping women in business with administrative tasks, answering phones, and responding to emails in order to help you get the “big picture” items handled well.
  2. Next, make a list of priorities for your women owned small business and separate priorities for home. Keep your list to 5 or so important things you hope to accomplish that day. For instance, if you plan to sign a new client, write an article to market your business online, or get your staff meeting agenda planned, set your goals for that day so they are written down. If you need to finish a couple of loads of laundry and pay the bills, then set the goals for as soon as you get home and just get it done! The rewards from getting our “to-do” list done each day go deeper than just feeling good about accomplishing our goals – we also get time to move on to other things (like spending more time with our family)!
  3. Focus on the first priority at the top of your list and don’t stop until you get it completely done. How many of us try to do a little here and there and multi-task (moms out there, we are SO guilty of this, aren’t we?). If the saying “spreading yourself too thin” could be applied to anything, it’s this! Don’t multi-task your time and life away…you’ll never get anything done and the small amount you accomplish will not be done well.

So remember, my fellow women in business, plan out your tasks, prioritize them all, and stay focused on one thing at a time. This way, you can get each thing done well and can check it off your to-do list. Just as diet coaches help their clients by having them write down everything they eat, so should you plan to write down what you need to get done to stay focused on priorities that will truly reward your business’ bottom line!

To better time management and sanity,


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