3 Time Management Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

With life staying as hectic as ever and demands placed on our time and energy, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra time this coming year? What would you do with that extra time? Spend more time with the family? Some of us might use the time to go to a spin class or Yoga session, others might get an hour-long massage or a treatment at the spa. No matter how you enjoy your extra time, the fact is that it should be there for the taking! Here are three time management tips for women entrepreneurs and working moms that can start giving you some time back today.

  1. Handle the small things immediately. Small, monotonous tasks like deleting junk email, filing away paperwork or entering a payment from a client into your accounting system – these tasks can add up to major time spent if left unchecked. Get these small tasks done now and you’ll have more time later to dedicate to your women owned small business.
  2. Stay organized every moment. When something is out of place, you can waste a lot of time looking for it. Looking for loose client paperwork, a file on the computer, an email message we need to refer back to…all of these things can be easily organized so that things are easy to find. On the computer, no matter what email program you use, create folders for yourself for each of your clients/projects. There, you can store emails you may need to refer to later and have it ready in mere seconds. On your computer’s hard drive, create folders in your client’s names to keep their invoices, important documents and project-related information. Next time you need it, you’ll have a folder dedicated to that client and can easily grab what you need.
  3. Your women owned small business needs organization, but so does your home. Planning meals on the weekend before your week begins can take you tons of time. Make a menu of what you’re going to prepare and then get a shopping list together. Once you have everything you need for the week, no further trips to the store are necessary – no more “oops I forgot this or that” and no more digging through the freezer and fridge looking for what you have so you can try and piece together a complete meal.

So whether you’re a working mom or a women owned small business owner, handle the small things right away, take the time to get organized, and slash meal prep time by planning ahead. Before you know it, you’ll have more time on your hands than you’ll know what to do with.

To a happier and well-balanced you,


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