Online Reputation Management for Plastic Surgeons

There are indeed certain industries, and professions that are at particularly high risk of getting online complaints. Doctors and medical professionals in general happen to one of those threatened professions because these providers are dealing with the general public, and come into contact with many different people on any given day. Today, just about everyone has easy access to social media and the internet.

Social Media Buzz

Aren’t we reminded of this enough with the onset and popularity of social media marketing these days? It could be an unhappy ex-employee, other doctors, dissatisfied patients or their families who criticizes you online. It simply could be anyone at all. Sadly, it only takes one negative review, report, or criticism on a social networking site or elsewhere online to spread like wildfire and completely ruin your good reputation.

The Dangers of a Bad Online Reputation

Just imagine Googling your business name, and front and center, the #1 search result just above your company’s listing is another result, but this one isn’t certainly not something you WANT people to see.  It could be a lawsuit that was brought against your company, or possibly it’s the out of order ravings of a new blogger who happens to have been an unhappy patient years ago. Maybe the narrative is true, or maybe it’s not.  Ultimately, it doesn’t even matter. Unfortunately removing those unwanted search results can be extremely difficult and cost intensive. But what if you could have prevented it in the first place?

Protect Your Practice

In order to protect your good name, and your cosmetic surgery practice’s online reputation it is imperative to be proactive in your approach. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to go online and make sure to reserve your company’s username and create branded profiles on multiple social networking sites such as twitter, linkedin, facebook and even niche sites like medicalmingle. There are a multitude of opportunities like this that will help a plastic surgery practice dominate the search results with their social profiles which are often very strong and come up within the first few listings in the search engine results. Integrating the creation of these profiles into your online cosmetic surgery marketing strategy is imperative.

So, it’s really that simple… instead of waiting idly by for an attack on your reputation online take the proactive approach and begin taking control of your online reputation today!


Thank you to Elise Redlin-Cook for her guest blog post contribution today! Here’s more information about Elise:

Elise Redlin-Cook of Vertical Measures

Elise Redlin-Cook

 Elise Redlin-Cook, Promotion Strategy Specialist at Vertical Measures. She works closely with link  building and search engine optimization experts to design website marketing and promotional strategies combining multiple marketing disciplines such as traditional public relations, online reputation management, social  media marketing, content creation and distribution ensuring that search engines and customers can easily find and connect with her client’s product and services. 



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