Women Owned Business: SEO Can Save Your Livelihood

There’s nothing like owning your own business and being in charge of your professional and financial destiny.  The more work you put into your business, the greater your rewards. But what if you worked your hardest and still couldn’t seem to increase your revenue?

Enter the world of SEO, or search engine optimization. When your business needs to reach the far ends of the Internet for maximum exposure, SEO is the best bet. From on-site SEO that includes tailoring the wording on your Web site pages to off-page SEO like publishing expert information online, SEO is the answer.

For women-owned business entities, the sheer volume of responsibilities can be overwhelming. Many women business owners are also wives and mothers, some of them even caretakers for their aging parents. Those great responsibilities can equate to having less time to market to new clients. This is, however, one of the worst things anyone can do to their business. It’s like a slow suicide of profits as fewer new dollars are being made and the business stagnates.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the opposite of stagnation. It utilizes techniques for your women owned business Web site that draw customers right to you; and without hours of slaving each day! Further, SEO is inexpensive if you know what to do. Sure, you can hire out the more complicated services to a professional, but there are some very real things you can do right now to optimize your site and bring in customers right away.


On-Page SEO Tips

Do keyword research (if you have not done so already) and dedicate your home page to the keywords that best describe your women owned business. For example, if you sell online pet products and you have 10 main categories of products, you should have links on your home page to each of your product-specific internal pages (www.mainsite.com/product category).

You should place your keywords throughout the text on your home page with links to each of the internal pages that correspond. This will help the search engines to see that you have actual pages that exist for each of your keywords. This really helps for rankings in the search engines! Inside of your other pages, your product-specific pages (or internal pages), concentrate on ONE keyword only on that entire page.

What works best is to spread out your keyword throughout the page and also use alternates of that same keyword to boost its relevance on your site. For example, if you sell pet products, one of your internal pages might be dedicated to dog bowls. On your home page should be a Navigation bar with a link to “Dog Bowls” that connects to your internal page about dog bowls and the products you offer.

On your “Dog Bowls” page, you might include the following descriptive phrases for your main keyword: dog bowl, ceramic dog bowl, acrylic dog dishes, dog dishes, drinking bowls for dogs, personalized dog dishes, etc. To really help your site, have a page dedicated to each of those sub-types of dog bowls with a link to those pages on your main “dog bowls” page. This is smart linking, organized thinking, and the search engines love it!

Next time, we’ll talk about Off-Page SEO Tips for your women owned business entity. Remember that it’s never too late to jump into the game of SEO, fix your site to start ranking in the search engines, and to dominate your market!

To better search engine rankings!

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