3 Things You Can Do from Home Right Now to Make Extra Money

Working from home is one of those things that many people wish for. Oh, the glory of rolling out of bed, grabbing a hot cup of coffee and walking to the computer with tousled hair and no one there to care about it!

Even when I worked for someone else, they were generally open to telecommuting from home. It saved me the drive and it saved them the expense of setting up a workstation in their office. My benefits included eliminating my commute, the freedom to work the hours that I wanted to, and not having to buy lunched, toll road costs, and gas. Overall, it was great…until I got laid off because of the economy.

Even though it was devastating at the time (I had worked for them for almost 7 years), it was eye opening. I began to think about who I was, what my talents were, and what I could do to stay at home and earn money. My former boss referred me to a person who needed a writer for her Internet Marketing company…and I got excited!

After reading up on SEO (search engine optimization) and how to market online, I began to try my hand at writing for her clients. I hadn’t written since college, but it was something I enjoyed doing and her clients were pleased with my work. I started my own writing business, EggStream Marketing. Then, I decided to join a site called Elance.

I joined and began to read about how their membership works; for a small monthly fee, I could bid on jobs from companies who needed everything from Virtual Assistants and writers to Web site content creators and Web developers. I started bidding on jobs and was immediately hired.

Though it cost me $5 a month (I split an account with a friend to try it out)…I was really impressed! It was easy, payment was fast, and I was making great connections and networking. Since my few projects on Elance, I have received referrals from my clients to their business-owner friends for even more work! I never thought I could make money writing from home.

I also decided to start this blog site and a website, EggStreamMarketing.com. Now, I am helping businesses with helping to get their name out on the Internet to increase their customers! It’s been an amazing journey and I am loving every moment of the ride.

Businesses that are women-owned are some of the most rewarding to promote. They are regular SUPER women! With smarts, motivation, and tons of family obligations, they are pressing forward to carve a name for themselves in this world…and I am honored to be there to help.

The third thing you can do from home besides freelance writing and blogging is affiliate marketing. I joined a group that offers affiliate marketing links that I can put in my blogs and articles to help make money for the products my writing sells. If you love animals, promote pet products…if you have small children, you can write about the latest toys and kids bedroom furniture. The opportunities are limitless!

For more about marketing your business or for help with learning how to use your talents to work from home, visit EggStreamMarketing.com.


2 Responses

  1. Man, I would love to get some more posts about this topic. Thanks alot.

    • Hi Klaudia! I’d be happy to post more blogs about this topic and even send you some content for your own blog/site in exchange for links back to my site. Let me know what other topics you’re interested in and I can send you over some articles. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a great day!

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