I just turned down a 60K/Yr job in this economy…

I’ve been without a formal 9-5 job since January 2009 thanks to the economy. It was really heartbreaking for me at first because it was the second time in 11 months that I had been laid off (that’s what I get for going with another “dot com” start up). However, once I was let go from my last place, my boss asked me if I wanted to start writing articles for some of his business associates in the search engine optimization and Internet marketing world. I thought I’d give it a shot, so I said yes.

New Career Phase
In no time at all, I was writing articles, working from home, and enjoying lots of new knowledge about the SEO and Internet Marketing field. I’ve written about everything from green screen technology and employment screening to stock market trading and teapots. It amazes me that I can research a subject and write about and get paid to do something I love. I even started my own business helping other women business owners with learning about Internet Marketing, SEO, and working from home. For many women, with work and a family, there’s no time left to properly concentrate on getting your business’ vision communicated effectively to your potential customers. Being a woman myself, I know the challenges and wanted to help. Plus, for women who need to stay home and don’t have a dime to invest…there are several great (and totally free) ways to do this.

The Job Interview Yesterday
No joke, this just happened yesterday…I applied to a job because I have been open to the possibility of getting full time work. I came in and met the company’s customer service team and was eventually offered the job later in the interview. I asked the owner what hours would he need from me. He nonchalantly told me it would be 9 to 6 or 7. Here’s the problem with that…I have 3 children, am married, and want to be there at night to have dinner with my family (plus, I am the only one who knows how to cook in the house). Keep in mind that this position was to run their customer service department…read on.

The Deciding Factor
Once I politely told the boss that those hours wouldn’t work for me and I would need to come in at 7 or 7:30 and work until 4, he told me, “Absolutely not. The reps stay here until 6 or 7 and you should be here too to set a good example.” My response was, “Sure, I want to do that too, but I have a family and it’s important to me that I am home at a decent time to fix dinner for my kids and have at least a little time with them every evening.” And he said, “Well, I guess they’re going to have to learn how to cook, huh?! They’re teenagers, right? Teach ’em how to make mac n’ cheese.” He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t like it, but he would “allow me” to leave at 4:30. Seems nice and flexible, right? Just after that, he added, “But expect to work late 1 or 2 nights a week.”

The Answer is a Resounding “NO”
I think that his answer was simply one that came from a single man’s point of view, nothing against him personally. However, I cannot work for someone who places no value on family. How can I expect someone like that to understand when one of my kids is sick at home and needs to go to the doctor? How about when there are awards at school or choir performances midday? No thank you,sir! No thank you to the great pay, free lunches, and your high-end office. Oh, and no thank you to the 2 hour drive home, no thank you to the inflexible schedule, and no thank you to missing out on half of each week with my family! There…I said it. My answer was simply “I don’t think this job is right for me considering my long drive and family issues. I know that you’ll find a well-qualified person for the job who can make the sacrifices necessary for this position.” He didn’t reply to my email.

God Does Work in Mysterious Ways
It’s all good though because I prayed for clarity about what to do the night beforehand…and I got my answer! I rolled up to the house, so mad about how it turned out and just knowing it wouldn’t be right for me and sad to turn down the money…and I got on my laptop and received an instant message 2 seconds later from one of my clients whom I write for. She was asking me if I would like to start doing project management for her. “Coincidentally, she would be able to pay me the exact dollar amount I needed to cover our grocery bill each week! This amount was precisely what my husband had told me we needed just after I had the interview and told him how it went. Wow, God is so good to give me such a direct answer during such a confusing time. Money can cloud anyone’s judgment, but when God makes it that boldly clear, you can’t turn your back on that!


3 Responses

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  2. You are absolutely right in turning down the job for the reasons you mentioned. You need to be true to your priorities and family is huge. That said you have to understand that many employers deal with employee personal issues constantly. While they are understandable (sickness, caring for an elderly parent, doctor visits, sporting events for young ones, etc.) the time away from work means reduced productivity. This reduced productivity eventually results in lost income. And in this economy, it’s not necessarily about profit to line the CEO’s pocket, it could be just making payroll.

    So, while I applaud your personal decision and absolutely believe God works in mysterious ways, don’t demonize the employer. He has a right to demand what will work for his business. It just wasn’t you.

    • I completely agree with you and I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. You’re right…employers have to do what’s best for their business; that’s just smart business sense. However, I do think this employer could have been more tactful and less sarcastic in his approach and certainly I don’t want to demonize him…perhaps I should adjust the wording in my post 🙂

      Thanks for bringing in a new perspective to what I was originally thinking about the situation. 🙂

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